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DIY Fitted Wardrobe Build – Lessons from Week 1 Video #2 [Vídeo]

Veja aqui no site Como Fazer o vídeo “DIY Fitted Wardrobe Build – Lessons from Week 1 Video #2”, postado no Youtube por Charlie DIYte com duração de 00:08:35:

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Today’s video is a quick recap of what I’ve learnt from Week 1 of my DIY Fitted Wardrobe Build.

You can access Week 1 of the DIY Fitted Wardrobe Build here

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0:00 Start
0:12 Intro
0:29 Lessons from Week 1
0:42 1. Pop Up Workshop
1:02 2. Cut List Programs
2:10 3. To Glue or Not to Glue
2:44 4. Cutting Tips
4:44 5. Gloves
5:02 6. Floor Protection
5:30 7. MDF Dust Mitigation

Today’s Toolkit (UK)*
– Clarke CIG81015 Instant Workshop
– Titan TTB776VAC
– Click 2000 Nitrile gloves
– 6m contractor grade shop vac hose
– Oipps 30ltr blue plastic barrel
– Cyclone Dust Collector
– Trend Air Stealth Lite FFP3 R D Dust Mask
– Clarke 370PC 2.8kW Head Infrared Heater (230V)

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Charlie DIYte

🛠Charlie DIYte Amazon Tool Store – all my tried, tested and much loved DIY tools are now in one place on-line.

abdul waris

90% of ur vedio time is of explaining machineries, screws, and something you have done earlier. 🤦‍♀️


Not sure how you put your rails together? But if you don't already do this but when joining the rails, use a straight edge such as a 4ft or 6ft level on the back edge of the rails to keep them lined up while tightening up the joining bars. As a carpenter i do this with my Festool rails as just butting the rails together and tightening the joining bars up can still cause issues.

John Lamb

The supplier I buy MDF from cuts me as many sheets as I want free of charge for the cuts,I get a complete wardrobe cut to width,take them home in the van and then cut them to length,saves time and effort carrying full sheets.

Julian Pennifold

What do you do with hairline cracks on walls and ceilings? Got a video?

Vision 6D

Being in front of a similar work, I find your videos really valuable. I prefer to do cabinets with plywood than MDF. Any thought on that, I use 18mm plywood?
Greetings from Geneva.

Kris Ruchomski

Well done Charlie, all very wise


I had the exact same issue with the Evolution saw track, I can't imagine DeWalt/Bosch/Festool etc tracks are like that.

Jt the 3rd

Hi Charlie do you rate the evolution saw and track im thinking of purchasing a track saw myself. Love your channel ❤

Family Prepper

Love the lessons learnt section.

I figure i'm going to make a ton of mistakes, so by avoid the mistakes you've made I'll only have my own mistakes now thanks. 🙂

Charles CP

Not sure if anyone else has mentioned, but Evolution’s instructions say there must be a gap when you join the rails.

Brian Hinton

Keep um comin Charlie Stay Safe Mate !!!.

Dru Dodd

I laughed when you held up your cyclone as I made exactly the same one from the same parts and I have several mates who have all independently made exactly the same! I think they're worthwhile as it will make your vac last so much longer I'm sure.

David Mccall

Carpenter of 35 yrs, Your work ethic and attention to detail would put a lot of so called professionals to shame.

Norman Boyes

Good build series. I see many have mentioned the waste side jigs from Strawbyte workshop👍 The issue with rails is although they are accurate longitudinally the ends are not necessarily guaranteed to be trimmed at 90 degrees. It is recommended that you leave a clear gap between the ends and use a long level to keep it sweet as you tighten the joining pieces. You need a proper Tracksaw.👍

Mike Pagel

Another great video Charlie. I alway enjoy your content. I see you have a space heater in your shop. You may want to remind your viewers that saw dust is extremely flammable and that an open heat source should never be used while saw dust is in the air. It will explode. I know you had just cleaned your shop and were not working so I am sure you know this however, some people may have not taken notice. Good luck and stay safe my friend!

Martin Steer

Charlie, I hate you because your videos have re-ignited my passion for diy and those projects/jobs around the house that I've been putting off for years and that itself has incurred me great cost and expense in upgrading and renewing my existing kit (most of which are 25+ years old and seen better days.
On a more serious note, your videos are excellent and have bought several power tools that you have recommended.
My next purchase intends to be replacing my 1992 B&D circular saw with a Bosch Gks190 or the Evolution track saw, unsure which to go for at the moment, your input would be the deciding factor.
Kind regards

Jonge en Linda Geeven

Nice vedeo

R Norris

Damn, impeccable timing…I'm on this in a few weeks


When I built a small cabinet, I used a hand-made parallel jig for my tracksaw, using some spare ply and a couple of bolts. It does help a lot and it clamps on the track very nicely.

howard dove

Nice one mate!
Brrrrrr! Glad I live in a city that has never seen snow. Though I am originally ( and always will be) a Yorkshireman.
Most blades will have the kerf marked on the blade. My festool one is 2.2mm. I use a rule with a vernier scale to account for that, because sometimes it’s not possible to reverse the cut and cut on the waste side.
Great viewing. Wonderfully presented. 👍

Douglas Lopes

Thanks for the video Charlie. I'm sure you'll get lots of views if you upload any material you might have saved from your cyclone.

phil's craft corner

Nice bunch of advice in there. I've been using the titan track saw with a sock dust collector for about 18 months now. I found that the hoover pipe ridges caught on the material edge and could shift it slightly sometimes. The sock catches 90% of the dust from there.
My little mantra for measuring and cutting with the track saw us measure from the left and place track on left of mark.

I have just bought a new filter mask too but with built in goggles to help with stopping my glasses steaming up.

Thanks for the mention. I hope you figured out which program works well for you to make your cut plan easier 👍

David Sanchez

Charlie, I LOVE your positive demeanor. You’re “can do” spirit comes through in your videos. Your resourcefulness and problem solving skills are impressive. Your fearlessness is inspiring. I used to think that so many projects were beyond my reach but now I see, thanks to your videos, that like most things in life fear is really the only thing holding back. Your videos do more for me than just show me how to DIY.

Safak Aydogan

Would really appreciate seeing the video of you making the dust collector!


Great work! For consistent cuts you can use a couple of parallel guides with your track, you can buy them but also make them pretty cheap! Peter Millard makes some in his tracksaw series, something else I’ve done as well is measure your board width, place the track down and then measure from the non cutting side of the track to the edge of the board, cut two pieces of scrap wood the same size as that measurement, then for your next board you put these on the end and then push your track up to it! How that makes sense! 🤣

malcolm oxley

I have a similar barrel for my cyclone extractor but soon realized that my shop vac when on crushed it in, all I did was to make a frame inside to stop this, works perfect now,hope this helps

Sony Cumiskey

Good video Charlie. In your previous video you mentioned bastic birch plywood. Is there a particular grade you recommend..

Garviel Loken

Looking nice and toasty with that heater! My God but its been cold!

Garviel Loken

Getting 2 Vids this week!!! AWESOME!


I got a jig from strawbyte workshop for cutting waste side that works really well

Have you thought about making some parrelle guides as per peter millards videos?

Colin Wilson

Charlie. Great as always. Do you also have acyclone dust build? That would be interesting.

Craig Hastie

For M class and H class there needs to be monitoring of suction, was pretty sure the old titan shop vacs didn't have that so surprised it's saying bits classes for M and H

Mat Davies

I too have a Titan vacuum but the model lower and I detest it! The cyclones work well if you are creating loads or sawdust. I think you could do with a plunge saw, this task must justify it!

Carl Jones

Sucked up all the mdf you have thrown at it yet and is only half full,,, makes it sound like it hasn't sucked up that much mdf to start with

Rich Owen

That hoover is the same as mine…have you brought additional adapters for it ? Mines horrendous on evolution saw and other dewalt and makita tools

Simon Briggs

Cyclones are great but you’ll need to reinforce the barrel or else the vacuum will implode it as soon as your hose blocks up. I had to cut an 18mm thick plywood hoop to match the diameter of the barrel but since putting that in it has been fine. 👍

Martin Dorrance

Charlie, can you give more details on your cyclone dust extractor, please? I’ve experimented with a dust bin and a traffic cone but the air pressure just crushes them!

Mike Bailey

Crikey, thanks for the mention, Charlie!

Dave Maynard

Does the cyclone kits come with a gasket. I’ve seen some do. I saw you use some mastic in there. Was that to just get a airtight seal?

Paul McCarthy

Hi Charlie for waste side cut on your track saw ,go to waste cut guide ,excellent idea for accurate cutting 👍

Matthew Whitley

I made the exact same cyclone with the same vac. Works brilliantly. Easier to empty saves the filter and no need for bags. Definitely worth it. I had an issue with the middle of the container collapsing so made some rings out of plywood to go on the inside. No problems since and a great addition. Matthew

Danny Murphy

As for keeping things square I have recently bought a Magnusson 1.2m T Track which hooks over the edge of the board. Only £15 at Screwfix and mine is square, which ludicrously a lot of other brands aren't. I really like mine it's nice to see what square looks like if you get me!

John Bell

Charlie, this was an extremely interesting blog – fabulous 👍 👍
I might be jumping ahead here but, do you intend to finish the wardrobes in paint or something else 🤔
Love your heater, just wish I had a heater like it but, worried it would cause too much condensation and cause my timber stock to warp and twist 😡 So, for the time being, the cold weather will be keeping me out of the workshop.

Sua opinião é importante para nós! ❤x