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DIY American Girl Doll Cat Ears Headband and Costume [Vídeo]

Veja aqui no site Como Fazer o vídeo “DIY American Girl Doll Cat Ears Headband and Costume”, postado no Youtube por American Girl Ideas com duração de 5:3:

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DIY American Girl doll Cat Ears Headband and Costume for dolls. Cat Ears and copy cat costumes are popular right now, especially right before Halloween. Before you and your doll have the same matching cat ears and costume before trick or treating!

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Stormi :3

Or you could make Billie eilish..
Like or comment if you know what i mean


Billie Eilish?

Aynara Bula


Precious Lusanga

Capy Cat

Sophia G

This is so cool! I have been dying to make this for my ag doll! I need for clothes for her!!!!

Trina Johnson

She look cute 💜💜💜

Marcella Mendoza

How does this video have 164 dislikes?!?! This is crazy! Like or reply if you agree

Gracey Vlogs

OMG for halloween i was a panda

Nikki Velazquez

Cute! I'm making my ears out of felt!

Gacha Kitten

I found this in the Harry Potter crafts

Dereta Acoff

I’m dressing like black panther sister

Life with May !

Thank you 🙏🏼😊

john bell

A winde up doll

Holly D

I did schoolgirl I'm dressing up as a dead one not ideal I did one

bri :P

im making this for me and my doll 😉

Susanna Bowell

It is too am dreesing up as a white mash and a mask with a fake nife

Coffeecup 345

I’m a girl but I’m going to be chucks or a Starbucks barista lol

Marilyn Ilagan

Me too I have a Brown and black dots cat ears

foxfang 14

Im gonna be a suger skull

Casandra Travers

I can't wait to hear videos😊😊

Itz Anna LPS

hermione costume

Journey to the Most High

I made the cat ears!! Thay fit perfectly for my girl dolls!!!

Sandy Hess

😍😍😍😍😍😍😍thank you so much

Hailey Hawk

How to make a frap halloween costume for your doll 😀

1. Take a TALL cup from starbucks (make sure its plastic) and cut out the bottom
2. take a screwdriver and heat it up
3. make a hole on both sides and tie ribbon or yarn to them to make it like a handle.
4. put any clothing on ur doll.
5. color the cup to make it look like a frap.
6. put it on ur doll 🙂
7. put cotton balls (hot glue it) onto the extra space on the opening at the top.
8. make ur dolls head into a super high bun
9. hot glue some cotton balls to tons of bobby pins ( you will need a lot to fill the dolls bun )
10. attach all the bobby pins to ur doll and your done!!!!!!!!
hope you allllll love it as much as i do!!! (my doll looks stylish XD)

Yarns of Love

I love it so cool 😎

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